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Imperia machines for homemade pasta

The Imperia brand is a well-known Italian manufacturer of pasta machines and kitchen utensils. Founded in 1932, the company has established itself as one Imperia Italian brand of pasta sheeters of the main points of reference for the production of high quality pasta machines. Imperia is particularly renowned for its line of manual and electric pasta machines, which allow you to prepare fresh homemade pasta simply and efficiently. Imperia machines are widely used both at home and professionally, enjoying great success thanks to their durability, precision and ease of use. Among Imperia's most famous products are the "Pasta Presto", an electric pasta machine that greatly simplifies the preparation process, and the "Titania", a manual model equipped with various adjustment options to obtain different types of pasta .
In addition to pasta machines, Imperia also offers a wide range of high quality kitchen tools, such as pasta cutters, noodles and pasta processing accessories, which complement their customers' culinary experience.

The Imperia brand stands out for its attention to detail, the quality of the materials used and the dedication to the Italian tradition of homemade pasta. Their many years of experience in the industry is reflected in the design and production of reliable products that meet the needs of cooking professionals and pasta enthusiasts.
Thanks to its consolidated reputation and its presence on the international market, Imperia has become a symbol of excellence in the production of pasta machines and kitchen utensils, bringing the authentic taste of Italy to kitchens all over the world.

Ultimately, today there are three product lines: HOME , PROFESSIONAL and ELECTRICAL HOUSEHOLD ELEMENTS .
Imperia production takes place in the Sant'Ambrogio plant in Turin and the company is proud to be able to say that each product is a 100% Italian manufacture, built with national labor and raw materials.
Imperia is true Made in Italy.


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