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Find the best grills and grills in our online shop, dedicated to offering you quality tools for preparing healthy and delicious dishes. Discover the art of outdoor cooking with our solutions for a cuisine rich in flavour.

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Grigliandola Inox 3 Modules

€ 43,00 € 85,40
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Made in Italy

Grigliandola Inox 2 Modules

€ 32,50 € 63,44
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Couple grids art. "549C x 2"

€ 69,00 € 114,68
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Grid Double Fish art.549C

€ 29,90 € 57,34
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Turbogrill PRO gas oven

€ 1.372,00 € 2.013,00
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Made in Italy

Soapstone with Support

€ 40,00 € 79,30
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Discover the best grills for every type of cuisine

Are you ready to transform your home into a corner of culinary paradise? Grill pans are the perfect ally for those who love the intense and genuine flavors of grilled meat. But how to choose the right one? Imagine a cast iron grill pan that retains heat perfectly, giving your dishes those unmistakable thrilling lines. Or perhaps you prefer the practicality of electric grills, ideal for healthy grilling without sacrificing flavour, thanks to the fat collection systems that eliminate excess fat. And for lovers of tradition, why not opt for a soapstone or lava stone grill? Natural materials that will allow you to cook healthy while preserving the authentic flavor of food. Then there are more modern options such as steel grills, resistant and easy to clean, which adapt perfectly to every lifestyle. It's not just a matter of taste: it's your passion for cooking that takes shape in a carefully selected grill. It's time to elevate it with appropriate tools: discover the vast selection of grills we've found for you and get ready to fire up the stove!

Cast iron vs non-stick grills: advantages and disadvantages

When it comes to grills, the choice often oscillates between two great classics: the timeless robustness of cast iron and the modernity of non-stick surfaces. Both options have their loyalists, but which one should you choose? Cast iron grills are famous for their ability to retain heat and distribute it evenly, ensuring perfect cooking. Cast iron is almost indestructible and improves with use, becoming more and more non-stick naturally. However, it requires careful maintenance: it must be dried well after washing and protected with a thin layer of oil to avoid rust.

On the other hand, non-stick grill pans offer a practical solution for those who love convenience. Lightweight and easy to handle, these grills require less oil when cooking, promoting a healthier cooking lifestyle. They are also easy to clean, thanks to the coating that prevents food from sticking. However, this type of coating can scratch easily and tends to deteriorate over time, especially if exposed to high temperatures or if metal utensils are used.

In both cases, it is essential to consider the aspect of the fat collector : while cast iron grills can count on fat distribution thanks to their porous structure, non-stick ones often include dedicated systems to collect excess fat. This not only helps in the preparation of lighter dishes but also facilitates post-use cleaning.

The final decision depends on your personal cooking style and priorities. Are you a fan of culinary tradition who loves healthy grilling , or do you prefer modern convenience that helps you stay on the move without giving up taste? Weigh the pros and cons of each option: durability and tradition versus ease of use and simple maintenance. Remember that both cast iron and non-stick grills can be excellent tools in your kitchen, it's all about knowing how to choose and use them in the right way. With the right maintenance, a good grill pan can transform into your most faithful ally for healthy and delicious grilling , every day.

Maintenance and cleaning of grill pans: practical advice

Your grill pan is the secret to memorable grills and authentic flavors; but like any treasure, it deserves care and attention. For cast iron grills, the golden rule is to "care for it as if it were your skin": avoid aggressive detergents and opt for gentle cleaning with hot water and a soft brush. After each use, dry it well and season it with a thin layer of oil to preserve its surface and keep it non-stick. Non-stick grill pans, on the other hand, require less maintenance but don't be fooled: use silicone or wooden utensils to avoid scratches and wash them carefully by hand to keep the surface intact. And don't forget the innovative solutions such as grease traps that make cleaning easier and promote healthier cooking. If you have chosen a lava stone or soapstone grill, remember that the uniform heat that they distribute must be protected with gradual heating cycles. Finally, for steel grills, make sure to dry them thoroughly after washing to prevent rust or water stains. By following these simple steps, you will be able to guarantee your faithful cooking companion a long and high-performance life, ready to transform each of your dishes into a masterpiece of taste and well-being.

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