With the Eco-contribution

Treatment and recycling of electrical and electronic

With the Eco-contribution (WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), when you buy a new electrical or electronic item, you think its already recycling.

The Eco-contribution WEEE:

- Yes applies to all products offered for sale from November 12, 2007

- Used to cover the cost of treatment and of electrical and electronic ricicolo no longer functional

Do not dispose of WEEE as unsorted municipal waste, consegnali at the Eco-city locations, either directly or through the collection of municipal services, if available.
Be careful because the failure to meet such standards of conduct may be subject to administrative sanctions by the competent authorities.

A decisive step forward in the collection system and treatment of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

The WEEE Coordination Centre welcomes the publication of Ministerial Decree No. 65 of 8 March 2010, the so-called Decree simplifications, or "one on one." that - as of 18 June this year - will allow the city to purchase new equipment, electronics retailer to leave the old one. The withdrawal by traders is compulsory and free at point of sale and may only occur if the equipment purchased is the same type of those delivered.

Traders will also embark on a simplified procedure for the management of WEEE which will ensure the treatment and recycling in full compliance with safety and the environment. Specifically, the business can store WEEE in a safe and deliver them at the collection centers managed by local authorities.

For his part WEEE Coordination Centre is ready to meet all the new operating system that will result in withdrawal of "One on One" and allow the increase of the collection of WEEE in Italy.

Change the way you manage the collection of waste electrical and electronic WEEE symbol. Enters into force in Italy a new law that aligns our country with what already happens in the EU.

The manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment will have the task of managing the whole national territory, the waste arising from the hi-tech products.

To fund activities related to the proper treatment and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment no longer functioning, the Act provides for an Eco-contribution WEEE on new products for sale from November 12, 2007.

The law allows manufacturers to highlight the costs for disposal through an eco-contribution, added to the price of the product, or include the environmental contribution in the price of the property.

The Eco-visible contribution allows us to know with the utmost transparency, the costs for the recycling of WEEE, different type of device. The Eco-contribution WEEE fact serves exclusively to finance the process of recycling of old electrical and electronic products, from the collection at the collection centers to the recovery and disposal in special treatment plants. Not generated in this way, no gain, nor for producers or for the stores.

You can then recover over 80% of the materials contained within each product, such as iron, copper, steel, aluminum, plastic and glass, ensuring the complete disposal of hazardous components (such as CFCs in old appliances, lead
in television picture tubes, mercury lamps to save energy), environmental protection and health.



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