Vacuum cooking Gastronorm

Made of AISI 304 (1.4301) thickness and design aims to ensure the resistance 'extraction; the heat treatment (recrystallization annealing), combined excellent polishing, as well as type of stainless steel used give the container an excellent corrosion resistance. The vacuum is obtained by means of a pump which extracts the air present in the container allowing the "rarefaction" of 'oxygen, vital gas for l' man, but also to microorganisms such as bacteria and molds. Therefore their proliferation is blocked and are thus inhibited the activities fermentative. The container storage in vacuum allows to remarkably reduce and delay the deterioration of food (loss of flavor, browning of fruits etc.). In economic terms, the conservation in vacuum is a great advantage because it allows you not to have to eat the food prepared and advanced in the day, ensuring the same quality of product (freshness, taste, safety, etc.) Finally note that the stainless steel containers are most suitable for the conservation of those food products that in vacuum bags risk being crushed.


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