Accessories for tomato squeezers and tomato presses of various sizes

Accessories for tomato squeezers and complete systems

Tomato juicer accessories are designed to simplify the process of extracting juice from tomatoes or other fruits and vegetables. These accessories improve efficiency and convenience when preparing sauces, sauces and preserves. Here are some of the common accessories used with tomato squeezers:

1. Sieves or Filters :

accessories for tomato squeezers and tomato presses

Sieves or filters are essential accessories for tomato squeezers and tomato presses. They are available in different sizes and textures to adapt to various needs. These sieves help separate the juice and pulp from the seeds and skin of the tomatoes, ensuring smooth, lump-free juice.

2. Basins and Containers :

Basins or containers are often included with tomato squeezers. They are designed to collect the extracted juice and may have a spout or tube to pour the juice directly into bottles or containers for storage.

3. Interchangeable discs or blades :

Some models of tomato squeezers allow you to change the filter discs or cones based on the desired fineness of the juice. Smaller filters produce smoother juice, while larger filters allow larger pieces of pulp to pass through.

Filter cones with holes of different sizes (small 1.1 mm, standard 1.5 mm and large 2.5 mm) are available from Agritech for particular jams and purées.

4. Crank or Electric Motor :

Manual tomato squeezers are equipped with a crank, while electric ones are powered by a motor. The choice between manual and electric depends on your personal preferences and the amount of work you plan to do.

5. Cleaning Accessories :

Some tomato squeezers come with brushes or other tools to effectively clean the sieves and other parts of the device after use. Regular cleaning is essential to keep the device in good condition and ensure food safety.

6. Feeding Funnels or Hoppers :

These accessories allow you to insert tomatoes into the device without having to cut them into smaller pieces. They simplify the feeding process, improving efficiency and saving time during preparation.

7. Additional Juicer :

Some tomato juicers may be equipped with juicers, additional juicers or other parts to extract juice from citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons or limes. These versatile accessories allow you to prepare a variety of fresh juices.

Before purchasing a tomato squeezer accessory, it is important to check that it is compatible with your tomato squeezer model and that it meets your specific kitchen needs.


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