High quality tomato squeezer for preserves and jams

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Made in Italy
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Made in Italy
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Made in Italy
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Made in Italy
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Made in Italy

Squeezer Tomato N 5 Optional

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Made in Italy

Squeezer N 3 Optional

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Made in Italy

Reber electric and manual tomato squeezers

Reber tomato squeezer and electric tomato machines are ideal and indispensable for the production of high quality tomato sauce and jams, tomato squeezer of different powers or manual, for use in farms, restaurants, small families or large communities.

All electric motors are continuous-duty induction, with axial reduction gear in oil bath with metal and nylon gears in some models, the body of the squeezer is in cast iron, heat treated for food use with epoxy powders.

The transmission pin is in nylon and steel with a spring to optimize squeezing; funnel, drip tray, splash guard and filter cone are in 18/10 stainless steel.

Our professional tomato squeezer is the indispensable machine for those who want to produce homemade jams and preserves, but also vegetable and legume creams. Easy to use, robust, fast and not very noisy, it limits the part to be discarded to a minimum, and this is guaranteed by Agritech Store.

Electric or Manual?

  • Having a professional electric tomato squeezer guarantees large quantities of tomato puree production, even up to 400 kg / hour, compared to a machine that can weigh up to 30 kg.
  • Less powerful electric tomato squeezers can start from productions of 70-140 kg / hour, they are cheaper, but always with a semi-professional imprint.
  • The manual tomato squeezer, on the other hand, guarantees an economic price in the face of lower productions, and a light weight suitable for easy transport and quick cleaning. Reber electric and manual tomato squeezers

Not just tomato squeezer ... find out why

All our tomato squeezers are multifunctional kitchen machines , and can be transformed with the only addition of the optional into:

  • meat grinder
  • pasta press
  • grater
  • kneader

The power of the engine will " command " especially for the optional meat grinder the possibility of application and combination of one model rather than another, on our site you will find complete cards that guide you in your choice.

We also guarantee all Reber tomato squeezer spare parts


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