Payment security

When you pay, you risk absolutely nothing. Zero.

If you decide to pay online by credit card, you have minimal commissions and do not risk absolutely anything.
In fact, the credit card data are encrypted during transmission and are managed directly by the "Unicredit Banca" banking institution: we do not even see them pass and are not stored anywhere .

If you prefer, you can still pay cash on delivery in the case of home delivery. But choose these modes only if they are more comfortable for you: in terms of risk, there is no difference. The risk is always zero

The products we sell are original, new and of reliable source.

There is nothing worse than saving a few euros and finding that the guarantee is not valid in our country, that the product has already been used or that something "sounds strange".

We prefer to be very transparent , even at the cost of losing some business on the street.
We only buy our products from qualified suppliers , who can guarantee the legitimate and traceable provenance of the goods at any time.

We avoid all the classic VAT games and categorically exclude everything that - in the end - can generate a minimum risk on our customers: because in the case of checks, we do not want anyone to think of bothering you to ask ... clarifications.

If you change your mind or something does not go as you want, you are 100% refunded.

Italian law provides for the possibility of returning a purchase within 10 working days and being 100% refunded on any remote purchase . The only cost you incur is the shipping costs to return the product.
The existence of a specific rule guarantees you 100%.

But we would have done the same, even without the law. Because our goal is to have happy customers who talk about us to friends and come back to us willingly.
3 Fake Myths about Credit Cards
1. They steal numbers on the Internet and then duplicate the cards .
It's not true. Usually the opposite happens: somehow thieves intercept the "physical" card, duplicate it and then use it normally until it is disabled. Statistics say that most fraud starts from places where the card is not in the holder's hands for a few minutes, such as restaurants and petrol pumps.
2. The site stores the card, then the thieves enter the server and steal the numbers.
Most sites (including Agritechstore) do not store anything on the credit card: payment is made directly on the bank's website, which in turn uses the numbers only to validate the authorization and then deletes them (however the bank servers are very well protected and if something happens, the bank refunds). In addition, the transmission of online numbers is encrypted by a code that eliminates any risk of interception.
3. If my card is stolen, I have lost the money.
It's not true. The bank reimburses the holders who are victims of fraud and in some cases rivals the merchant who accepted the "stolen" or cloned card. There is specific legislation on the subject. In the end, using a credit card is always worthwhile, because the chances of being cheated are minimal (0.2%) and in most cases you are reimbursed.


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