Secure Payment

When you pay, you do not risk anything. Zero.

If you want to pay online with credit card, the commissions are very low, and you do not risk anything.
The data of your credit card are encrypted during the transmission and they are managed directly by the bank “Unicredit Bank”. We cannot see them and they are not stored anywhere.

If you prefer , you can pay on delivery in case of consignment at home. Please choose this mode only if it is easier for you: as regards the risks there are no difference. The risk is always zero.

The products which we sell are original, new and their provenance is sure.

The worst thing is to save few Euro and to discover that the guaranty is not valid in our Country, that the product has been used before your purchase and that something is “strange”.

We prefer to be very transparent even if this transparency makes us lose some businesses.
We buy our products only from qualified suppliers who can always guarantee the lawful and trackable origin of the ware.

We avoid the classical tricks about VAT and everything that can- in the end – create a risk for our customers, because in case of controls we do not want that someone disturbs you for explanations.

If you change your mind or something is not as you want, you will be 100%reimbursed.
Italian Laws provide for the possibility of return of a purchase within 10 working days and the reimbursement of the whole amount in case of distance purchase. The delivery charges in order to return the product are the only cost. The existence of a specific law guarantees you totally.

Also without this law we would have the same behaviour, because our aim is to have happy customers who speak well of us to friends and who buy another time our products.

3 myths about credit cards

1. People steal the numbers on Internet and then duplicate the cards
It is not true. Usually the contrary happens: thieves intercept the Physical card, they duplicate it and they use it normally as long as it is blocked. Statistics show that the most part of the frauds starts from places where the card for some minutes is not in the hands of the holders, for example restaurants or petrol pumps.

2. The site memorizes the card, than the thieves enter the servers and steal the numbers
The most part of the sites (ePRICE included) does not memorize the credit card numbers: the payment is done directly on the bank site. The bank uses the numbers only to validate the authorisation and then it cancels them. (the bank servers are protected and if something goes wrong the bank will reimburse you) . In addition the online transmission of the number is encrypted by a code which eliminates every risk of interception.

3. If they steal me the card, I lose the money.
It is not true. The bank will reimburse the holder which have been cheated, and in some cases it makes up for this at the expense of the seller, who has accepted the “stolen” or the “cloned” card. There is a specific norm which regards this matter. The use of a credit card is advantageous, because the probabilities of a fraud are very low (0.2%) and in the most part of the cases you are reimbursed.



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