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Choose from our professional mixers in our online shop, tools designed to meet the needs of every chef . Get the power and precision you need to create perfect, delicious dough.

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Made in Italy
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Made in Italy

Mixer 8310N N°3 Optional

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Reber mixer Kg. 1,6 9208N

€ 399,00 € 433,10
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Reber mixer Kg. 1,6 9204N

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Reber mixer Kg. 1,6 9200N

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Spiral Mixer Pastamat CE 6 Kg.

€ 1.359,20 € 1.699,00
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Made in Italy
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Guide to Professional Mixers: Models and Features

When it comes to choosing a professional mixer, you can't rely on chance. It is essential to carefully evaluate capacity, power and speed to ensure that the appliance fully meets the needs of your professional kitchen . Whether you are a pastry chef, pizza chef or baker, a good mixer is the beating heart of your business. Spiral models are ideal for bread and pizza thanks to their ability to work elastic and homogeneous doughs with ease. Planetary mixers, on the other hand, are multipurpose and perfect for those looking for versatility. With renowned brands like Reber, you are guaranteed advanced options and superior quality. The prices of mixers vary based on the range and functions offered, but investing in a professional model means guaranteeing constant performance over time. Remember, the price of a mixer is a reflection of its durability and efficiency in the kitchen. Choose the best one for your business and let the art of perfect dough become the signature of your culinary success.

How to Choose the Ideal Spiral Mixer for Bread and Pizza

Are you looking for a spiral mixer that turns your passion for bread making and pizzeria into a true art? Choosing the right equipment is essential to guarantee professional results. First of all, consider the capacity : do you need a model that can handle large quantities of dough or will a more compact one suffice? Power is equally important, since a robust motor ensures long life and constant performance, even with heavy doughs. Furthermore, do not neglect the speed , which must be adjustable to adapt to the various types of dough, from the soft one for bread to the more elastic one for pizza.

Every professional knows that options can make the difference: timers, automatic programming and safety protections are just a few examples. Brands like Reber offer a range of mixers with different features and prices , allowing you to find the right balance between cost and quality. Ultimately, don't leave the choice of your next mixer to chance: analyze your needs, compare mixer prices , and invest in a tool that will elevate your culinary creations to new heights of excellence.

Analysis of Key Factors: Capacity, Power and Speed

The choice of a mixer is never trivial, especially when it comes to professional use. Every detail counts and key factors such as capacity, power and speed become fundamental to guarantee performance that meets expectations. The capacity of the mixer must be chosen based on the volume of dough you plan to process: models with larger bowls allow you to handle larger quantities, optimizing time and reducing effort. Power is equally crucial because it determines the machine's ability to process heavy doughs without overloads, thus guaranteeing long motor life and impeccable results. Finally, the speed, often adjustable, allows you to adapt the action of the mixer to the type of dough, preserving its quality and structure. A professional model like the Reber spiral mixer offers these features with a perfect balance between quality and cost, representing a smart investment for those looking for reliability and precision. Remember: by carefully analyzing capacity, power and speed you can find the mixer with the best quality-price ratio among the various options available on the market.

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