We provide complete photovoltaic systems, from starter kits, with full coverage to the roofs, erecting solar panels, for isolated houses, or to be integrated to the network.

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The compound word "photovoltaic" comes from the union of the greek word "phos" light and "volt", a measure of potential difference. In fact, a system for the production of photovoltaic energy is a combination of the photoelectric , which consists in the spontaneous emission of electrons by a surface that is hit by electromagnetic radiation and the effect Volta, according to which if two different metals are brought into contact is established between them a potential difference and thus the possibility of generate electric current.

The photoelectric effect Einstein gave in 1905 a famous interpretation of "Quantum", whereby the total energy of electromagnetic radiation is divided into discrete portions ("quanta" of light), which is given to the bodies on which it collides. In metals alkali (such as silicon) to emit electrons of sufficient energy is the action of visible light rays of the sun. Using both the photoelectric effect that the Volta effect, U.S. scientists in 1954 Paerson, Chapin, and Fuller built the first cell crystalline silicon photovoltaic business.

Thanks to this technology The photons, ie the light that strikes the surface of the cell exposed to sunlight can be captured and conveyed to produce electrical energy which can be either stored in a battery or transmitted in the conventional power distribution network. This is referred to electricity (photovoltaics) produced using only the energy of solar radiation.
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