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If you need to choose the ideal heater and the one best suited to your needs and the environment in which it will be used, you must have some basic information available:
  1. the dimensions of the room to be heated [V]
  2. The temperature [ΔT] you want the room to reach
  3. the type of insulation of the room [K]
  • Good insulation: thermal insulation k = 1
  • Average insulation: thermal insulation k = 2
  • Poor insulation: thermal insulation k = 3
  • Lack of insulation: thermal insulation k = 4

The necessary heat requirement can therefore be calculated as:

V x ΔT x K [kcal/h]

For example:

V = width 4m, length 12m, height 3m, room volume = 144 m³
ΔT = outside temperature -4ºC, desired room temperature +19ºC, temperature = 23ºC
K = 4 simple non-insulated room

The result is therefore 144 x 23 x 4 = 13,248 kcal/h and must be compared with what is reported on the label of the stove or any heating machine that appears to be suitable, as it produces more heat than would be required.

Also consider that:

1 (kcal/h) Kilocalories per hour = 0.001163 Kilowatts

So when you have found the necessary kilocalories you will have to transform them into the kW you need.

And following the example above we would have: 13,248 x 0.001163 = 15.407 Kw


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