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It is only mechanical extraction that allows you to extract the active compounds from plants and medicinal plants and produce high quality phyto-extracts.
This technology is considered BIO because eliminates the use of non-natural solvents and it is recommended for those who want to make products with 'organic certification'.

Ultrasound extraction is an interesting process to obtain high valuable compounds and could contribute to increase in the value of some food by-products as sources of natural compounds; they have a dual effect on the vegetable matrix: drastically reduction of the extraction time and a reduction or destruction of bacterial
Ultrasound is low frequency sound and high power that transform electrical energy into mechanical vibrations.
In the solvent form of micro air bubbles that grow up to implode.
The mechanical effects of ultrasound provide a grater penetration of solvent into cellular meterials and improves mass transfer.
There an additional benefit for the use of power ultrasound in extractive processes witch results from the disruption of biological cell walls to facilitate the release of contents.
The sonication increased the efficincy of extraction and producing a purer product in a shorter time


The ultrasound extraction technology can be used in the field of research for different purposes.

Cosmetic research

The formulation of new cosmetic products includes many elaborations of the cells or of solid, the dispersion and dissolution of powders in liquids.
Ultrasound are particularly suitable in all processes as for the production of stable emulsions, the degassing and homogenization.


In this field is expected the use of ultrasound research. Ultrasound con stimulate seed germination and offer the possibility of increasing productivity for larger scale farm crops and more general horticolture.


Can be used in liquid-liquid extraction to emulsify: stable emulsions generated have been used in the textile, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Advantages of ultrsound extraction
  • BYO: extracion with water particularly suitable as this solvent optimizes the propagation of ultrasonic waves.
  • BYO: has recommended the use of solvent such as alcohol, oil, water - alcohol, wine, vinegar and glycerin.
  • The fast extraction reduce the risk of oxidation
  • High productivity thanks to the possibility of multiple extractions per day
  • This technology allows to obtain extracts liposolubilied and hydrates with the same ease and with the same extraction time used for those hydroalcoholic, glyceric and hydrogliceric
  • Total extraction of natural bioactive compounds of high quality and complete all their organoleptic properties
  • Virtully sterile extracts obtained by reducing the bacterial load axtracted by the ultrasound
  • Reliability, ease of use, virtually maintenance-free
  • Drastic reduction of production costs
  • No bond of relationship between the amount of solvent and the vegetable to extract
  • Different functions: extraction, mixing, homogenizing, degassing and emulsify.


This technology can be applied in various fields: food industry, liquor industry, cosmetic industry, classical and homeopathic pharmaceutical, veterinary medicine, biochemistry, agricolture and search laboratories.
Extraction from fresh and dried plants for the production of phytoextracts, glycolic extracts, glyceric, active compounds.
Natural cosmetic: particularly suitable for extraction with glycerine, glicol, oil. Acid extraction from fruits (alpha hydroxy acids) to prepare cosmetic creams and possibility to obtain organic certification if the product to be treated is sourced BIO.
Processes of aromatization: lots of different types of flavoured oil are available on the market. It is possible to choose among oil flavoured with vegetables (galic, onion, chilli, etc.), herbs (basil, sage, thyme, rosemary, oregano, etc.), spices (ginger, nutmeg, clove, etc.), mushrooms, fruits (lemon, orange, apple, banana, etc.), nuts (almond, pine nuts, etc.), aromas (oils aromatize with vanilla).

The ultrasound are used for extraction of saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids, anthraquinones, anthocyanins, etc. from root, leaf, fruit, grape seed and grape stalks.
Exctractors Dia-Sonic Liters 5
Productive capacity 50 Liters extract per day
Built in Stainless steel
Capacity of exctraction chamber from 2 to 5 liters
Power supply 220 v   50-60 Hz
Power 350 W
Frequency ultrasound 38 Khz
Regolazione potenza ultrasonica da 0 a 100%
Ultrasuoni pulsanti Attivabili
Controllo temperatura attivabile Di serie con controllo
Inversione senso rotazione Di serie
Impostazione timer estrazione Di serie
Dimensioni camera estrazione Ø 300 x h 500 mm.
Dimensioni pannello comandi e generatore ultrasuoni 350 x 400 x 200 (h) mm.

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