Grifo Marchetti

Since 1967, Grifo Marchetti has been committed to accompanying producers in their work, so that the quality of Made in Italy can be transformed into genuine foods. After sacrifices and effort, the real satisfaction is in fact seeing the products on the table, still full of the love and passion used in their cultivation. Grifo Marchetti's machines do not aim to replace the hands of the most expert master, but to preserve the true flavor of nature, while "mechanizing" the transformation process.
Strengthened by customer satisfaction, over the years, the company has expanded its range of products, combining the processing of wine and oil with that of fruit and beer. From pitters to hydropresses, from meat grinders to corkers, the products are always modern and attentive to market innovations.

In fact, every machine designed by Grifo Marchetti is carefully looked after down to the last detail, thanks to the best technologies that allow the true authenticity of Made in Italy to stand out.

The company's objective is to offer concrete and professional help to farms, small wineries and private individuals who want to independently produce their own wine and want to rediscover the ancient art of processing grapes and fruit in general. Respecting Italian tradition, Grifo machines allow you to rediscover the kitchen as a place to rediscover yourself and cook with love, aware that through food we can transmit energy, emotions and nourishment for the mind and soul.


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