Electric Circular Saw DI 600 EM - Electric Hp 3 220 volts

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Circular Saw DI 600 EM Electric 220 Volt

The circular saw is a very useful tool for cutting hard materials such as wood, metal and plastic. Its circular blade, which rotates at high speed, allows for precise and fast cutting.
There are different types of circular saws, which differ in the size of the blade, the motor power and additional functions. It is important to choose the model that best suits your work needs. The precision of cuts with the circular saw depends on the quality of the blade used. There are several specialized blades depending on the material being cut and the specific needs of the project.

What can you do with a circular saw?

With a circular saw you can make a wide range of cuts in different materials such as wood, metal, tile and plastic. One of the main uses of the circular saw is for cutting wood boards and panels for building furniture, shelves and other DIY projects. Furthermore, the circular saw can be used to cut metal tubes or aluminum profiles for the creation of metal structures. In the construction sector, this type of saw can also be used to cut tiles or tiles.

SC saws are the most effective you can use for cutting wood.

Speed is important when you have a lot of work to do and SC is the right tool for you.
The widia cutting blade and the 3-belt transmission allow you to work in complete safety and very quickly.
This simple circular saw is particularly economical,
and despite this very efficient, ideal for processing firewood for both personal and professional use.
All models are equipped with wheels for manual movement.
Data sheet
Model OF 600 EM
Power 3 hp
Weight 108kg
Useful cut 25cm ~
Dimensions 80x85x115 cm
Blade diameter 600 mm
Blade material Widia (sintered tungsten carbide)
Turns 1500 rpm
Diet Single-phase electric motor
Wheels 2 included


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