"CONTACT" Wireless Sensor Cooking

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"CONTACT" Wireless Sensor Cooking

The first wireless probe that measures the temperature while maintaining the vacuum; patented, intuitive and easy to use thanks to the touchscreen controls up to 3 wireless probes simultaneously.
The probe Contact W has been conceived and developed for the detection of the temperature at the core of the products using wireless technology, in cooking in bags, jars, or vacuum containers.
For use with all food, both solid and semi-liquid, in many cooking techniques; such as oven, steam ovens, in oil, in boiling water (with the exception of the microwave oven) and also during the cooling phase / freezing, then you can also check various points by cooking designed as such, such as refrigerators or seasoning cells.

CONTACT has an electronic probe wireless silicone-coated food, once inserted into the product, using an external antenna to send main device the detected temperature during cooking.

The probes can withstand a temperature comprised between -70 ° C / + 100 ° C
The antennas withstand a temperature comprised between -70 ° C / + 200 ° C

  • Storing cooking times for various cuts of food simultaneously, for better planning and management of work.
  • Wire probe for the control of liquid temperature or the cooking chamber.
  • Decrease in cooking times.
  • Detection of the internal temperatures to products / to the heart) from 30 ° C to 100 ° C.
  • Less fluid loss and weight loss.
  • No waste of firing samples.
  • HACCP control card cooling the heart of vacuum products.
  • Temperature control in the refrigerator maintenance.
  • Controollo temperature of more 'food simultaneously.
  • Temperature control on 'more' cuts of meat.
  • Time Management rest (relaxation) of the meat.
  • N ° 3 timers for the control and timing working.
  • Management measure temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The complete set includes:
  • # 1 Tool with color touch screen
  • N ° 1 AC mains voltage
  • N ° 1 loop antenna diameter of 100mm.
  • # 1 Wireless Temperature Probe length 50mm.
  • # 1 probe type "K" Needle
  • # 1 Plastic case and instruction manual
Can be used in:
Recommended temperature Cooking
Oven 60 ° C · 190 ° C
Oven Steam 60 ° C · 120 ° C
Water 50 ° C · 100 ° C
Oil 60 ° C · 180 ° C
Fry Top 50 ° C · 180 ° C
Panini grills 50 ° C · 180 ° C
Technical specifications
Touch Display Color TFT LCD Multi Function
Reading frequency minimum 2 readings per second with single probe K, max 1 reading every 12 seconds with all four probes (antennas) connected
Range probe "K" from -40 to 300 ° C (from -XA x ° F)
Range wireless probe from -40 to 100 ° C (from -XA x ° F)
Resolution 0.1 / ° C or ° F
Accuracy wireless probe ± 0.5 ° C max of 0 to + 65 ° C and ± 1 ° C max -40 to 0 and from +65 to + 100 ° C
Precision probe "K" ± 2 ° C max from -20 to + 100 ° C, ± 3 ° C max -40 to -20 and +100 to + 300 ° C
Supply 12VDC Through universal adapter (switching power supply Input 100-240V~ 1.0A 50-60 Hz Output 12V 600mA 30 min Wmax
Absorption maximum current consumption with all probes activated 300 mA 12 V
Power watch Battery 1 x CR-1616 replaceable internal to the instrument
Temperature of use from 0 to 50 ° C (32 to 122 ° F
Size Tool 160 x 88 x 55 mm
Weight Tool about 390g (with stainless steel plate for increased stability)

The system is formed as in the Figure by the following devices:

A) instrument with color touch screen (fires just powered on and off automatically after 60 minutes of inactivity, you simply touch the screen to turn it on again for another 60 min. Or start a business) with 3 inputs (1); (2); (3); for Antennas ring for the management of related probes Wireless; a probe input "K" on the wire (4); an input for external power supply (5) CE-UL-VDE; a USB port (6) for the software upgrade.

B) loop antenna (2 sizes: small diameter and large diameter 100mm 150mm) resistant up to 200 ° C (including also the connection cable) for cooking in the oven, steam, oil, in boiling water (to the exclusion of the oven microwave), with 2 m cable and connection to the instrument through spinet Jack standard.

C) Wireless Temperature Probe (2 sizes: Short 50mm and 130mm long) with double built-in digital temperature sensor (7) and microantenna incorporated blue silicone FDA (8), to be included in the "heart" of the food during cooking / freezing. A maximum temperature of 100 ° C (the probes are dishwasher).

D) Probe "K" type needle with a tapered tip to be able to enter more easily in foods to control their temperature even in cooking (no vacuum), with a 2 meter cable, all resistant up to 300 ° C. E) Power supply for mains voltage AC Adaptor (low voltage cable length 2 meters).

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