Acidity Mini Titrator for 'Total Mi456

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Mini titrator Milwaukee Mi456

Mi456 mini-titrator for the determination of total acidity in wine.

The Mi456 is a mini-titrator microprocessor, easy to use, for the determination of total acidity in wine, which provides direct readings quickly, precisely and accurately, with a scale of 0.0 to 25.0 g / l. The tool uses a pre-programmed method for the analysis of total acidity in wine samples.
The total content of acids present in musts and wines, defined as total acidity, which includes both volatile and fixed acids, is determined by a chemical process called titration. The determination of total acidity is one of the most important wine analysis and frequent. The total acidity is commonly expressed in terms of tartaric acid, although other acids are also measured. The titratable acidity is expressed as a percentage or in grams / liter, for example 0.7% of total acidity equivalent to 7 g / l of total acidity.
The total acidity is too low makes the wine flat and without power, while too high acidity makes inharmonious, rough and tough. A certain amount of acid is required for the fermentation and, in values ​​up to a quarter of the initial acid content, it will be absorbed by the yeast during fermentation. For musts with low rate of acidity is necessary to intervene, with appropriate corrections, adding tartaric acid (acid main grape), malic acid, citric acid, etc ...

Technical specifications:

  • Scale: 0 to 25 g / liter of tartaric acid
  • Accuracy: 5% of reading.
  • Resolution: 0.1 g / liter
  • Method: titration method Acid Base
  • Principle: titration endpoint
  • PH calibration: one point at pH 7.00 or 8.20
  • Sample volume: 2 ml.
  • Temperature compensation: automatic from 0.0 to 100.0 ° C
  • PH electrode: MA831R (included).
  • Pump speed: 0.5 ml / min.
  • Stirring speed: 1500 rpm.

Supplied with:

  • calibration standard for Tartaric Acid,
  • titrant for tartaric acid,
  • Buffer pH7.0,
  • Buffer pH 8.2,
  • pH electrode MA831R,
  • temperature probe,
  • magnetic stir bar,
  • 2 glasses of 50 ml,
  • 2000 μL micropipette,
  • bottle of 230 ml of 3.5 M KCl electrolyte filling MA9011 for pH electrode,
  • seal,
  • 1 ml syringe,
  • power cable and instruction manual

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€ 1.053,00 € 1.085,80


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