Refractometer Oleometro optical ND4

Code: ND-4 oleometro
Brands: AgriAlco
€ 53,00

Optical refractometer for oil and emulsions

The refractometers are instruments that determine the concentration of an aqueous solution by measuring the refractive index; pour a few drops of sample on the prism you can read the value of the concentration of dissolved solid directly from the scale of the refractometer.

This refractometer and 'ideal for measurements of oils scale refraction.

This refractometer has an optical scale in the range from 1.435 to 1.520 RI. ND
The reading resolution is 0.001 RI.
It is designed for example for the measurement of chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, benzene, toluene, or turpentine, emulsions, etc.

The oleometro of Agritechstore, is an indispensable tool for all machine shops for the rapid control of cooling lubricants emulsions. The better use of emulsions allows for a more thorough exploitation of the machines and, at the same time, a longer life of the tools having the ability to vary the concentration.

The refractive index of an aqueous solution containing lubricating oil is proportional to its concentration.
The OLEOMETRO is based on this principle and built to be used in a quick and easy way to determine the percentage of oil
in a cooling lubricant solution.
  • Scale: 1440-1520 ND
  • Automatic temperature compensation.

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