Refractometer for optical glycol and Batteries

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Optical refractometer for Ethylene Glycol and Batteries

The refractometer MR410ATC is ideal for measuring:
  • Freezing in antifreeze liquids and fluids for glass cleaning
  • The concentration of the fluid for batteries

And 'possible so that you know which temperature the fluid will freeze if it contains ethylene or propylene glycol.

This series can 'define a control kit containing a refractometer precision to detect the exact percentage of propylene glycol and ethylene glycol in the heat transfer medium used in the solar, and for the refrigeration sector.
But also it has an additional graduation to measure battery acid, and check the charge and therefore life.

Scale: freezing point Ethylene glycol: 0 to -50 ° C
freezing point Propylene glycol: 0 to -50 ° C
specific gravity: 1.10 to 1.40 gs
Resolution: 5 ° C to the freezing point of Ethylene glycol
5 ° C to the freezing point Propylene glycol
0:01 gs for fluid batteries

Specifications Optical refractometer with ATC
Description Ladder Resolution Accuracy
Scale PG: freezing point for propylene glycol 0 to -50 ° C Propylene Glycols 5 ° C PG ± 5 ° C PG
Scale EG: freezing point for ethylene glycol 0 to -50 ° C Ethylene Glycol 5 ° C EG ± 5 ° C EG
Scale Specific Gravity: (for battery fluid) 1.10 to 1.40 SG 12:01 SG ± 0.01 SG

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