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Reber Vacuum Apparetuses Salvaspesa 9342 NB

Code: 9342NB
€ 138,00 € 204,96

Reber Vacuum Apparetuses “FOOD PRESERVATION” Salvaspesa
9342 NB Blue/Silver

The process of vacuum packaging consists of removing air from a bag or from a container to protect food or objects contained.
Vacuum packaging is a preservation system safe and natural, that allows to maintain the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of food,
longer than the traditional systems of conservation.
Reber's car for the creation of vacuum, proposed by Agritechstore, and 'ideal to avoid the proliferation of mold and bacteria in food.
Enough with the portions of leftover food thrown, just with bad odors in the refrigerator, no more waste.
The machine Salvaspesa stretch of nearly 5 times the normal storage times of foods.

Automatic operation with the possibility of transition to the
manual mode.

• LED display vacuum level.
• cable reel compartment.
• Intake air attack containers.
• Maximum power consumption: 250 W
• Sealing bar width 32 cm, 30 cm useful for bags
• Indicator light in vacuum
• The highest level of -830 mbar vacuum
• Capacity 'intake 10 l. / Min.
• Continuous operation without the need 'to wait for the cooling of
• The package includes 20 inch bags. 20x30 (6722A)

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