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Reber Apparetuses Vacuum 9704 Professional N

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Reber Apparetuses Vacuum
9704 Professional N

The vacuum packaging consists of extracting the air from bags or containers, to prolong and enhance the preservation of the contents.
Thanks to the apparatus for vacuum REBER, proposed by Agritechstore, storage times are longer up to 5 times compared to the traditional conservation.
The vacuum is not an alternative to the freezing and the other storage systems, but can be used in combination with them,
in order to preserve the flavors, fragrances, nutritional properties of foods.
Equipment for vacuum REBER bring in all the kitchens of the best quality
professional equipment for vacuum: less waste, better hygiene, better preserved products.
The apparatus for vacuum PROFESSIONAL40 is equipped with a vacuum pump professional large capacity.

Automatic operation with the possibility of transition to the
manual mode

Vacuum pump and sealing bar are designed to operate continuously without the need
expectations for the cooling of components.

Professional 40 - professional equipment for vacuum

* Automatic model.
* Stainless steel housing.
* Professional pump.
* Professional vacuum gauge.
* Sealing bar mm.400
* Continuous operation.
* Pump dry.
* Maximum power: 300 W.
* Maximum Vacuum: -900 mbar.
* Suction capacity: 30 lt. / Min.

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