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Box of two rolls of bags 15 X 6 mt. for vacuum 6715N

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Box of two embossed rolls for vacuum packaging 6715N
Cm. 15 X 6 meters (Tot. 12 meters)

Vacuum rolls with outside in nylon to be impenetrable to air, and inside in food-grade material;
a "rough" side (embossed or imprinted) to allow effective air extraction, the 105 micron thickness guarantees strength and seal against accidental breakage; the bag with imprint, with an additional external layer in polythene, is more resistant and impenetrable to humidity, for better preservation in the freezer.
Can be cut and welded to obtain customized measurements;
Can be used in the refrigerator, freezer, microwave and to heat in a bain-marie.
Washable and reusable;

Suitable for contact with food;
  • freezing -40 °
  • cooking up to 100 ° for 4 hours
The rolls / vacuum bags must be resistant, impermeable to air and suitable for contact with food. REBER triple-layer bags meet all these requirements: the polyethylene interior is suitable for contact with the food contained; the middle layer
in polyamide, it guarantees the seal against air penetration; the outer layer, still in polyethylene,
makes the bag more resistant to puncture or tearing, safe in case of contact with others
food and, by preventing the penetration of moisture, reduces the formation of frost and ice crystals in the freezer.

The special imprints (patented system) on the surface favor the escape of air and the creation of a real vacuum.

Vacuum packed in roll
Vacuum-free welding operations
  • Lift the lid of the machine and place the bag or the portion of roll flat on the sealing bar, taking care NOT to insert the open side into the vacuum chamber as shown in the image.
  • Start the vacuum pump by pressing the ignition switch and apply light pressure with your hands on the lid to create a first vacuum in the vacuum chamber.
  • At the end of the welding operation the machine stops by itself; open the lid.
  • Cut the sealed roll to the desired length and proceed with the vacuum packaging.

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