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Moisture testers for wood "M 10"

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MOISTURE METER WITH THE BEST DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY The right determination of the wood moisture is most important for the drying, the buying and selling or for other different operations of working. The instruments M 10 are used to measure the moisture of every kind of wood and derivates or building materials in a precise and rapid way. This meter has been constructed based on excellent quality with the new high frequency principle of measure that permits to lay the leafes on the materials used to analize, guaranting the max rapidity in every working condition. The reliable measure values are from 5 to 25% and are indicative per cent. M 10 is small, handle and it can be transported easily everywhere with its fitting in a practical and shock-resistant suitcase in which there are: -The electronic meter -Battery 9 V -Direction for use 

  • Measurements with 9 planned sets with the possibilities of regulation.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Rapid measurements with simple contact without the insertion.
  • M 10 can memorize and visualize until 50 moisture measures.
  • There is the possibilities to clear the measures in memory.
  • Average fuction of the measures in memory. Min/max reading of the measures in memory. Hold function for the measure.
  • Automatic indicator "Low battery".
  • Messages in 4 languages (Italian,English,German and french ).
  • Shock-resistant ABS container.
  • There is a big hammer for the measures in depth

  • Measure range  : 0 ÷ 100% ± 0.5%Battery  : 9V ( I.E.C. 6F22 )
  • Wood sets  : 9 Weight  : 230 grammES
  • Dimensions  : 145 X 85 x 35 mm
  • Display  : alphanumeric lcd 16 x 2 characters
Moisture meter 'Wood M-10
Measuring range 5 ÷ 100% ± 0.5%
Groups wood preipostati 9
Weight 230 grams
Dimensions 145 X 85 X 35 mm
Display Alphanumeric LCD 16 X 2
Characters Battery 9V (IEC 6F22)
Temperature compensator 0 to 110 ° C

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