Foker srl - Gas appliances, Domestic and Professional Camping

Foker srl produces all over the world professional gas products and equipment such as:
Camping lamps, stoves , electric stoves, barbecues, industrial stoves, cylinders and cartridges, gas welders, camping stoves, but also taps and fittings.

History: foker srl online sale of gas stoves

The Foker (with only one kappa even if the name is inspired by that of the famous Dutch-made airplane) was born from an idea of Giovanni Cesaretto, son of Venetian peasants who emigrated to France, after a hard apprenticeship as a salesman of kitchens and gas stoves on behalf of a small company in Trentino immediately after the war when the old charcoal stove in the house was beginning to be replaced with a liquid gas stove.

And this is how Giovanni Cesaretto and Luciano Cesaretto (grandson of the founder) after 15 hours of work a day and a thousand other activities and years spent in a garage used as a workshop on the outskirts of Brescia, at the beginning of 1974 give life to Foker srl, sacrifices unspeakable, traveling the world, to sell gas cookers and stoves, but which have given a lot of personal satisfaction to those who have been able to believe and then implement their ideas.

Hard times in a scenario, that of the time, in which a small loan could become a matter of life for the company itself.

Today Foker srl has been present on the market for over 30 years and distributed in 25 countries, appreciated thanks to both the reliability of its products guaranteed by the CE mark and in compliance with current regulations regarding consumer safety, it has also gained significant experience in the production of gas appliances, offering its customers a vast range of items.


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