"We design and manufacture components and equipment for agricultural machinery, slow moving vehicles (OHV) and for landscaping. Our products are essential for the functioning of agricultural machinery, earthmoving machinery and in general for all off highway vehicles. From their quality very often depends on the safety of the users and in any case on their productivity and effectiveness. The quality of our products is the first value in which we believe and in which we continually invest."
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Rockmill grain mill

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Ama spa: from Emilia with passion

In the enchanting landscape of Reggio Emilia, where the land and agriculture form an indissoluble bond with local history and culture, an essential need arises for every farmer: that of having accessories for agricultural machinery that meet their needs. This is where Ama comes into play, a company made up of people who love their work and pass it on to customers, offering not just products, but real solutions that enhance your daily work in the fields.

Imagine being able to make your work more efficient, reducing downtime and maximizing results. With the right accessories for your agricultural machinery, this dream can become reality. Whether it's more resistant plows, innovative irrigation systems or automatic robot mowers that increase precision and working speed, we have what's right for you.

We know how essential it is to be able to count on reliable, high-quality equipment. For this reason, we offer only the best accessories for agricultural and gardening machinery available on the market, products that promise to withstand the challenges posed by all types of terrain and weather conditions. Our selection includes items designed with the most advanced technologies, thus guaranteeing a tangible improvement in your productivity.

But it's not just about productivity. It's also a question of passion. We understand the love you have for your land, your garden and the desire to look after it in the best possible way. The accessories we offer are tools that help you best express this passion, allowing you to work in harmony with the environment around you. Don't miss the opportunity to take your agricultural work to a new level. Browse our online catalog and discover how our accessories for agricultural machinery can transform your days in the fields. With us at your side, every sowing becomes the promise of abundant harvests, every plowing a prelude to fertile land ready to welcome new life.

Today AMA SpA is a Group with offices in 21 countries around the world, made up of more than 26 companies and 18 production sites that operate in synergy to offer a range of over 525,000 references to over 80,000 customers in 90 countries. In 2022 AMA SpA celebrated its 55th anniversary since its foundation. In this half century of history it has managed to establish itself in the market for the supply of components for the preparation and maintenance of Off Highway Vehicles, agricultural machinery and landscaping as one of the main players worldwide.

Innovate the way you work the land and take care of your gardens: choose accessories for agricultural machinery from professionals, choose quality, choose durability. Choose to invest in the future of your farm with products that not only meet your current needs but also anticipate future ones, allowing you to always stay one step ahead. We firmly believe in the power of innovation and the ability of agricultural machinery accessories to make a difference in the daily work of every farmer. That's why we are committed to offering you solutions that improve not only your efficiency in the field, but also your quality of life, reducing physical effort and allowing you more time to dedicate to yourself and your families. We are here to assist you in choosing the perfect accessories for your needs, with a team of experts always ready to provide you with personalized advice and technical support. Because your success is also our success. Contact us to find the ideal accessory that will make your agricultural machine more efficient, versatile and ready to face the challenges of tomorrow. Because in a constantly evolving world, only those who know how to innovate can truly grow and prosper. Let yourself be inspired by the agricultural tradition of Reggio Emilia and bring it into the future with the agricultural machinery accessories you find in our online catalogue. Choose to make a lasting investment in quality and efficiency: choose our products, because together we can cultivate a better tomorrow.


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