Metal Detector Makro CF 77

€ 799,00

Metal Detector Makro CF 77
  • Ergonomic design
  • Incredibly powerful and infallible
  • Modulated audio discrimination with iron
  • 3 modes of operation
  • Start simplified "LIGHT AND GO"
  • Advanced features of discrimination.
  • Settings "GROUND" advanced mineralized ground
  • Weight: 1615gr
  • Plate covers: 71gr
  • BatteriaPeso: 370 gr (unbundled)
  • Battery life: 25-30 hours

EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE IN highly mineralized ground

The CF77 allows you to easily detect gold, coins, jewelry, relics and other items of small size, high depth is in the most difficult conditions of mineralization.


The CF77 is a metal detector user-designed for today seekers. An ergonomically designed smart and simplified controls allow you to search a long time without fatigue.
Intelligent design, functional and user-friendly is appreciated by both the novice and the more experienced hunters.

The CF77 has three modes of operation.
  • GENERAL is an all-metal mode, providing maximum depth.
  • Mode 1 mode of discrimination with 3 different sounds, option to eliminate the answers iron, provides maximum performance
  • 2 modes of discrimination with 3 different sounds, option to eliminate feedback ferrous allows operation smooth and stable even in conditions of strong interference.
These modes allow the CF77 to adapt to any type of research and terrain offering exceptional performance every condition

Easy to use!

You decide which one to use then the connecting plate
2 turns on by selecting the preferred mode of research
3 sets the sensitivity to the maximum level, and then the ground in order to have a stable research.
4 sets the tone sound to a comfortable level depending on the context or the quality of the headphones
5 you decide what you want to hear signals ferrous (setting the controller 0 not you dig any nail or piece of iron!).

METAL DISCRIMINATION with 3 different audio tones

The CF77 can reach incredible depth while providing the correct identification of the target with clear discrimination between metals. The unique design of the plates ensures a clear lens location not digging unnecessarily
Discrimination of non-ferrous metals, gold and iron is facilitated by mode with 3 different audio tones.


The CF77 is able to eliminate the noise signals resulting from the mineralization ferrous products from heavily mineralized soils. In addition, the audio adjustment iron on / off switch allows you to choose whether to detect all targets or just the non-ferrous metals and precious.

Long battery life

The CF77 requires very few resources, you can search for days without worrying about running out of batteries. Powered by eight AA alkaline batteries the CF77 can easily operate for 30 hours. The batteries are housed in an enclosure storable in the belt or to maintain integral with the metal detector.


CF77 is equipped with three different plates Research DD watertight stylish design and essential forms to ensure lightness and extreme ease in 'use in water! Selecting from time to time the coil right for each search environment you will get the best performance both in terminui of maximum depth or at the level discriminative. the lightness of these coils Search looks at extreme depths, even in the most difficult ground conditions with an ease never before seen.

Includes: Plate 28
cm (11 ") provides a good balance of depth and target separation.

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